I’m Vinit Jasoliya, an iOS Engineer at Dick's Sporting Goods. I recently graduated from New York University with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Mumbai University, India.

I’m a Product Designer (UI/UX), Web & iOS Developer with more than 5 years of freelance experience in building applications, finding a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. I love clear interfaces with a great attention to details. Passionate for technology, music, coffee, traveling and everything visually stimulating. Constantly trying to stay in motion, learning and experiencing new things.

I'm a developer who has thrived in an incredibly competitive industry. I started my career at the age of 16, when I started blogging about latest technologies & tech news. Now I am mainly an iOS Developer who loves to blend design & code for quality apps. This is a bit about who I am, and how I got here.


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An idea is what matters, collecting data from clients to getting the product designed is my aim.

Web Development

Quality user experience through responsive web design and performant back-end development.

iOS App

Get any iOS app idea to a full-fledged working model with responsive designs & enhanced performance.

Adobe Photoshop

Hand crafted design sets from scratch, with unique typography & eye soothing color tones.

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iOS Application


An iOS Application providing rich graphical content on movies and celebrities. Developed using Resultful APIs and handled by parsing JSON asynchronously.

iOS Application


Developed an iOS application providing a comprehensive list of synonyms, antonyms, prefixes & suffixes to enhance vocabulary.

iOS Theme


Aelon for iOS 8 is a transparent theme which provides icons that make your HomeScreen look the way you thought it had to be! Aelon has been recreated from scratch, all icons are re-designed to suit iOS 8 in best way!

Mobile Application


A mobile application for customizing the interior designs of a house and various furniture models in real time, virtually using Google Cardboard for Windows, Android & iOS.


Developed a mobile application for customizing the interior designs of a house and various furniture models in real time, virtually using Google Cardboard for Windows, Android & iOS.

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Web Development

Bunk Manager Web

App Landing Page for Bunk Manager

Web Development

Movitaur Web

App Landing Page for the iOS App Movitaur

iOS Application

Bunk Manager

Ever faced a problem of losing track on your attendance? Bunk Manager is simple, personal attendance tracker that gets you relieved from remembering & calculating the attendance percentage. It features smart calculations to provide you with no. of lectures to sit for minimum attendance or even no. of safe bunks.

iOS Theme


Aries is a flat yet not too simple theme designed with giving users a good view towards circles which they used to hate previously. Each icon is designed following a particular grid format in order to level all the icons and calm tone colors that warm your eyes when you see them.

iOS Application


A memory maze game for moving the block at the end position. It involves deep search technique for random generation of the path. Developed in Xcode using Swift.

Web Development


Ameliorate is a social website that provides the NGO's with a broad exposure and a news feed of all the social events happening in our surroundings.

iOS Theme


Amber features icons that have long shadows with app previews in the background that makes the icons more subtle and fresh design.

Event Poster


Poster designed for Codemania, a coding event organized by DJCSI & Trinity.

iOS Application

Evenflo - Expense Tracker

Evenflo is a fully featured expense tracker app that you can carry within your palm. It provides you with the power of adding daily transactions and keeping a track on it. You can manage your income & expense flow correctly with this app!

iOS Theme


Amor means love in spanish. This theme perfectly compliments the name as it's appealing icons will make you love your iDevice even more! Amor provides unique gyphs with a folded shadow which makes the icons adorable.

Graphic Design

Vector Illustration - Grill

Quick illustration for @VectorDailies on #Grill theme.

Graphic Design

Vector Illustration - Wild

Quick illustration for @VectorDailies on #Wild theme.


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